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Our PSI Basic Seminar Experience – Phoenix

We were invited to attend a PSI Basic Seminar in the later part of 2017. It was presented to us by our last Realtor as a life changing, personal development seminar. She told us that she and her husband attended and it changed their lives. We were told that it was a great “educational” experience, and that as successful people, she thought of inviting me and my husband. If we were interested, we could register at a discounted rate of $595, but we had to decide quickly because the discount would expire in a couple hours. We were told the seminar was the first weekend of December and was supposed to only last 3 days. We were told if we didn’t get anything out of it, there was a money back refund after we attend the entire seminar.

I quickly looked at the company website. Key points on their website included:

  1. Abundance, Wealth
  2. Better Relationships
  3. Balance Life
  4. Confidence & Productivity
  5. Creativity, Direction & Focus
  6. Improve Memory, Visualization
  7. Communication
  8. Results
  9. Realize Dreams

We trused our previous Realtor, and we had the 3 days off, so we figured we had nothing to lose since they had a refund policy. This was a “selling” point.

The first thing that set off an alarm was that the cost was not $595 per couple, it was per person. Our mistake, we “assumed” the price was per couple –  this was our mistake. We believe the pressure to make a quick decision was instrumental in missing this detail. Lesson learned: Don’t make quick desisions!

We continued to (try to) remain optimistic and hoped we’d get something out of the experience. If not, we were assured we could ask for a refund. This was a “closing” point.

Things we found out after signing up:

  • PSI (pronounced “s-eye”) does not allow refunds if you cancel. You must attend the entire seminar before you can ask for a refund. There were 4 meetings you must attend, not 3.
  • There are more levels to the training that they try to sell you beyond basic.
  • Couples were not allowed to sit by each other during the seminar together. They had to participate separately so each could have their “own” personal experience.

My husband and I love to do stuff together during our non-working hours. Having to separate an entire weekend we have off together, was not appealing. Still, we tried to focus on the possibility of getting something out of the seminar. Perhaps we would make some new connections?

Post PSI Basic Seminar Opinion:

We never made it thru the entire seminar. We attended the first 2 days. We decided to walk away and call the loss of the $1,190 as a valuable lesson on how NOT to make quick decision!

There were some key points that we thought could be valuable, but there were many parts that seemed to demean attendees. If you were late, you were used as an example before everyone. You couldn’t make excuses. Trying was not an option. The facilitator tried to expose how powerless other’s words were. Once he told you other’s words had no power over you, he was free to bully people and if you didn’t agree with him, you were treated as if you were resisting. Instead of win – win, it became more like damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

PSI seemed to be more about me, me, me; and less about others. The facilitator was not an employee of PSI. He told us a lot about his life history, what he viewed as his accomplishments and failures, etc. He used his life story as if it were a success story of how PSI could better each attendee’s life. In the end, we didn’t view this man as an example of how we would like to be. As a Christian, we struggled with using other people’s circumstances to elevate ourself (me).

We liked the part that pointed out the different personality styles people have, but this wasn’t the first time we were exposed to this.

PSI played loud, upbeat music between sessions and encouraged participants to dance and let loose. There was a slight peer pressure feeling in the atmosphere.

PSI uses a lot of guided, group visualization and . PSI suggests that visualization can be used to de-stress. We didn’t like it. As Christians, we have participated in a lot of different types of seminars. One that was particularly impacting was SOZO ministry. For us, it was the most powerful, freeing visualization we’ve went thru. SOZO leads to a deep, personal, healing connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We looked at the people that were around us, the facilitator, and past graduates that were volunteering to lead groups; and we both noticed that we didn’t desire to be like them. We didn’t believe they had anything we wanted. We both started to feel beat up (bullied). Did we really pay money for this? We never graduated, and we won’t go back.

Bottomline; we believe that with Christ we can:

  1. Experience Abundance, and Wealth in Life.
  2. Build Great Relationships.
  3. Increase Balance in Our Life.
  4. Boost Confidence & Productivity.
  5. Tap into Creativity; Gain Direction & Focus.
  6. Upgrade Memory Through Meditating on the Word of God.
  7. Improve Communication by Putting Others Ahead of Ourselves.
  8. Gain Results by Depending on God.
  9. Realize Our God Given and Inspired Dreams.

Remember, this was our personal experience. After we left the seminar, we headed to southern Cali to regroup and get back in touch with who we are and why we really do what we do. We are… 

Simply Blessed

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