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Looking Forward to 2020: Perfect Vision

Reflecting on 2018…

Imagine the view out this window when this building was first built.

Valentine’s week, 2018, I flew to Maryland to attend work related training. I love visiting the east coast. To me, the area represents so much U.S. history. The brick, the stone, the historical buildings and streets, the antiques, the food… all amaze me. It’s one of those areas I ponder, “If these walls could talk….”

During 2018 my husband and I took road trips to Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, and California. We went fly fishing for the first time, and loved it! We traded in our 2014 RV for a 2018. Out of town family visited. We experienced several AZ monsoons and hoboobs (dust storms). We also lost a dear friend to cancer.

Enter 2019: Preparing for Change…

I’m on a downhill slide into retirement from federal service in 2020. I view retirement income as passive income, mainly because it will be less than what I’m making now. That means I’ll still need to generate income. Leaving my job means leaving predictable, financial security behind in exchange for freedom to pursue doing more of what I enjoy instead of what I have to do. Granted this freedom comes with risk. It means stepping into the unfamiliar. Kind of like walking on water. Your brain says you can’t do that. Fear of the unknown can paralyze you, if you let it. Note the key word, “if” you let it!

Security Comes With a Price…

This AZ haboob was reported to be 70 miles wide and 5000 feet tall. It was the second one in one day, and accompanied a monsoon.

Working for government over the years means financial security for many, but for me, it came with a price. My biggest cost was not having the freedom to be creative on the job. Even if leadership invited creativity, it usually had strings attached. Another cost for me; dealing with layers of bureaucracy, politics, public contention and a lack of trust.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that to work in government, you need thick skin. If you thrive on the opinion of others, you may not do well working for government. My saving grace is that I know my value and identity comes from my God, not people.

No wonder I’m so disappointed. I have high expectations!

We have a lot of decisions to make in 2019 as we approach 2020 (Perfect Vision). I expect this change to be exciting, empowering, and releasing. I expect increased freedom to be creative, to think outside the box; and the freedom to make mistakes without fear of retaliation.

Simply Blessed

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