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Catalog vs. Online Shopping…

I grew up in rural Wisconsin. When I was a kid, we had a milk man deliver our milk, and we ordered a lot of our stuff from catalog sale books. I used to look forward to getting the latest catalog in our mail box so I could shop from home. We could pick up our order at the local store or we could have it delivered to our house.

My favorite catalog was the Christmas catalog, called the Wish Book, offering the latest toys for sale. This was what we used to make our wish list. We didn’t have a lot of TV channels full of commercials like kids have today. Eventually we replaced shopping catalogs for shopping at the mall. Most malls have since been replaced by superstores, which in someways, are mini malls built for one stop shopping.

More and more people shop online from home. Online shopping comes with it’s own advertisements. We can have our orders shipped for free to the local store or we can have it shipped to our house. Sure seems like we’ve went full circle.

I wonder what’s next…

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